Land Stewardship

EROB EnvironmentOur ranchers’ enduring commitment to land stewardship goes hand in hand with their organic land management practices.

Being a certified organic rancher is a demanding process that must be adhered to at all times. The foundation of the organic certification process is an organic system plan. It details how ranchers will comply with the regulations based on their unique characteristics. Included in the plan are all aspects of caring for the animals as well as the land.

Healthy soil is the foundation of organic ranching, where pastures must grow nutritious grass year after year in order to feed our cattle. This is the key to keeping land viable and sustainable for generations. Our ranchers perform a balancing act, using only natural practices to keep their pastures healthy. Moving animals from pasture to pasture and allowing wildlife to co-exist allows a healthy build-up of natural waste and healthy microbes. These harmonize with the soil minerals to maintain soil health.

Protecting the natural resources of soil, air, water, and wildlife on and around our pasture lands is part of daily operations and part of long-term strategic planning. This produces significant environmental benefits for society.

Cattle are grazed in a rotational grazing system and are rotated from pasture to pasture as the grass is grazed to a certain height. This prevents overgrazing and the livestock do not compete with wildlife for other food when the grass is gone. Grazing reduces the height of the grass and allows sunlight to reach the ground, encouraging new growth. This cycle continues as the cattle are rotated through the pastures.

Taking excellent care of our animals and the land they graze on are the guiding principals behind Eel River Organic Beef. Our 100% natural grass fed beef is the culmination of our efforts to bring you the most delicious, nutritious, organic beef available.

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