Grass Fed and Grass Finished

Animal Welfare

pacific-pastures-animal-welfare_358“Respect and humane care for every animal …”

The best way to care for animals being raised for food is simply to raise them in the most natural way so they are healthy and happy.

This means not only following our own strict humane protocols for care, handling, diet and encouraging natural behaviors, but going a step further to be regularly audited by the strictest humane standards for animals raised for human consumption.

GAP Step 4 Rating—Pasture Raised

Eel River Organic Beef is immensely proud of earning a Step 4 rating for “Pasture Centered” cattle from the Global Animal Partnership.

The Global Animal Partnership believes that “each one of us, in our daily lives and in our own homes, can improve the lives of animals simply by choosing to support those farmers and ranchers who have a commitment to providing higher welfare to the animals they raise.” Meeting Global Animal Partnership’s standards is a requirement of Whole Foods Market, the U.S. leader in sourcing the most humanely raised animals for its meat departments nationwide.

The Pasture-Centered Life of an Animal

Our cattle live content lives without the stresses of confinement. They stay healthy because of their natural diet of 100% grasses and their outdoor pasture lifestyle. They grow and mature naturally without growth hormones.

When we talk about the pastured lifestyle, we’re also talking about the nutritive quality of the grass our cattle are eating because a healthful diet dramatically increases the quality of life of a cow. Cows by nature are grass eaters, so the better quality the grass, the healthier the animal.

Lots of our customers want to know more about the grass our cows eat. Read more about the grass-fed lifestyle and see pictures of grass taken out in the pastures.

Our humane animal care is at the core of how we do business. It’s just one more reason to feel good about buying Eel River Organic Beef.

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