Cooking Tips

Clean, Bold Beef Flavor

grilled-meatYou know how beef is supposed to taste… rich, bold and meaty with a clean flavor that satisfies with every bite.

Our customers continue to tell us that they love the rich taste of our beef—and it never feels heavy.

While grain-fed beef can leave you feeling uncomfortably full due to the overly high fat content, Eel River Organic Beef naturally has less fat because our cattle have grazed on grass their entire lives. There is no trade-off in flavor.

Many factors can influence our beef flavor from the type of grasses to the soil, air and moisture. As with fine wine and terroir, these factors all add up to a spectacular flavor.

You may also notice also a difference in the structure of the meat. We’ve heard over and over how customers prefer the finer grain of the meat and how it cooks up beautifully to medium rare perfection. Find a store in your area.

Cooking Grass-Fed Beef

It takes just a bit of extra care to cook up tender, moist burgers and steaks with Eel River Organic Grass-Fed Beef.

The number one thing to remember: do not overcook. Our 100% grass-fed beef is leaner than grain fed, so it takes about 30% less time to cook and is best cooked medium-rare to rare.

Grilling or pan-frying is easy and results in a delicious flavor, but you can also try braising and stewing, both of which slow-cook the meat so it’s moist and juicy. Enjoy!

Cooking Tips

  • Grass-fed beef requires about 30% less cooking time than corn-fed beef.
  • Always bring grass-fed beef to room temperature before cooking.
  • Grass-fed beef is delicious rare or medium rare, but if you prefer your beef more well done, cook slowly over low heat with additional moisture.
  • Use a meat thermometer and take care not to overcook.
  • Preheat your oven, pan or grill before cooking.
  • Marinating lean cuts adds moisture and additional flavor. Choose a marinade that won’t overpower the delicate flavor of grass-fed beef and will enhance moistness. For safe handling, be sure to marinate in the refrigerator.
  • After removing your grass-fed beef from the heat, let it rest for five to ten minutes before serving to allow juices to redistribute.
  • When grilling steaks or burgers, sear the meat on high. Then reduce to medium for gas grills. For charcoal, use less heat to attain similar results.
  • Pan frying with your favorite gourmet oil is recommended. Add butter at the end for some sizzle and a steak house finish.
  • Roasts are best cooked at 275° F in the oven with liquid such as wine or stock or in a slow-cooker. Quickly sear the meat before roasting to seal in the juices and enhance the flavor.

What’s your favorite way to cook grass-fed beef? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us with questions or feedback.