Grass Fed and Grass Finished

Organic on the North Coast

Loleta Cheese Factory is partnering up with Eel River Organic Beef to promote California North Coast organic products.

– Humboldt County, CA November 09, 2005

Loleta Cheese Factory is Proud To Introduce Our Organic Cheeses. In 1995, Loleta Cheese became the first cheese factory in California to make organic cheese. Today we produce a variety of 4 different flavorful organic cheeses. The North Coast of California is famous for its beautiful coastline and giant Redwood
trees, but its greatest secret just may lie in the lush clover and tall grass pastures of the Eel River Valley. The bountiful pastures of the North Coast of California play a very important role in the quality, flavor, and natural goodness of our cheese. Our cows graze on beautiful pastures and no rBST hormones are given to the cows to increase milk production. Visit to learn more about and buy Organic Cheese.

About Eel River Organic Beef of Hydesville, California: Nestled among the foothills in the Eel River Valley in Humboldt County of Northern California, Eel River Organic Beef, a subsidiary of Victorine Livestock, Inc., is a California Certified Organic Farm. Committed to bringing the best products to their customers, the company has a long history of raising cattle in the organic philosophy. Today Eel River Organic Beef is excited to offer their 100% Certified Organic Beef to the health and environmentally conscious consumer. Visit to learn more about and buy 100% Certified Organic Beef.

We invite you to visit our web sites to purchase wonderful organic products from the California North Coast.