Grass Fed and Grass Finished

Our Protocol

Our Protocol For Purchasing Cattle from Ranchers and Producers of Certified Organic and Grass fed Cattle:

  • Cattle from ranches certified by a USDA approved certifier.
  • EROB will inspect all facilities monthly to insure they meet our requirements.
  • Our cattle will live 100% of their lives on organic certified pastures that are free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Any feeds, other than natural grass, will meet the same standards.
  • Detailed records of each animal are maintained and available from birth through processing and distribution. Data on each box will trace the contents back to the animal.
  • Cattle are finished on pastures in the Eel River Valley of California, the Chico area (Liano Seco Rancho) of the central valley or other approved pastures to insure year round quality and availability.
  • All pastures, grass, alfalfa or mineral supplements must be USDA certified organic and approved by EROB.
  • Cattle will be harvested between 16-24 months of age at 950 to 1150 lbs.
  • Cattle are mostly Angus.
  • Most EROB cattle will have a minimum 55% yield.
  • Harvesting will be done in USDA Certified Organic Plants. Our current plant is Redwood Meats in Eureka.
  • Cutout statistics will be made available to our customers when they want them.

If your cattle meet these standards, please Contact us >

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Qualify to sell your Certified Organic and Grass fed cattle to Eel River Organic Beef. Your ranch and cattle must meet the certified organic and grass fed standards set forth by the CCOF as well as meeting the strict standards of Eel River Organic Beef for 100% grass fed. Our grass fed cattle are born and raised on pesticide-free lush pastures. Consideration for Eel River Organic Beef to purchase cattle from Northern California Certified Organic Ranchers and Producers requires that cattle are born and raised on Certified Organic Farms and are 100% grass fed. Sell your grass fed Certified cattle to Eel River Organic Beef.