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Become a Producer for Eel River Organic Beef

We are looking for 100% organic, grass fed cattle—mostly Angus and other European breeds. Tell us about yourself in the form below or give us a call (707-725-2444) to discuss business opportunities.

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Read the Eel River Organic Beef Protocol for Purchasing Cattle

Our Objectives Are Clear: To produce the finest quality grass fed organic beef consistent with CCOF organic standards.

We’re proud of what we bring to our customers’ tables and how we do it—how we care for the animals and the land. Here are some of the reasons you’ll like doing business with us:

  • We pay a premium price for cattle
  • We pay according to our contractual agreement
  • Eel River Organic Beef is sold in some of the most exclusive organic and natural food stores and restaurants on the west coast
  • We pay for third-party inspections for animal welfare and we insist on the most humane animal care and handling
  • We are 100% dedicated to animal welfare and the sustainability of the cattle and the land they graze on

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Our Protocol
Our Protocol For Purchasing Cattle from Ranchers and Producers of Certified Organic and Grass fed . . . read

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Qualify to sell your Certified Organic and Grass fed cattle to Eel River Organic Beef. Your ranch and cattle must meet the certified organic and grass fed standards set forth by the CCOF as well as meeting the strict standards of Eel River Organic Beef for 100% grass fed. Our grass fed cattle are born and raised on pesticide-free lush pastures. Consideration for Eel River Organic Beef to purchase cattle from Northern California Certified Organic Ranchers and Producers requires that cattle are born and raised on Certified Organic Farms and are 100% grass fed. Sell your grass fed Certified cattle to Eel River Organic Beef.