Eel River Orgainic Beef Makes “Best List” 2006

Best Life Magazine’s "Best List"
– From the April 2006 issue

Each issue we select a new "Best List" culled from expert sources around the world

Best Cut of Beef
RibEye Steak
The best steak to grill
Stock up on the rib eyes from Eel River Organic Beef ($13 per 8ounce steak). The beef comes from cattle raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, and the animals are grass fed, so you get maximum flavor.

Best Male Tennis Player Ever
Rod Laver
The best edge for your game
The Aussie excelled at heavytopspin shots that kept his rivals off balance. Use the PreStroke Trainer ($18), a 9ounce weight that clips onto your racket, to develop the same deadly spin that allowed "the Rocket" to win 1  Grand Slam singles titles.

Best Luxury Convertible
SL Class
The best way to take it for a spin
Order your Benz with the Black Forest Alps Rally delivery package ($1,300), and you’ll save 7 percent off the sticker price (the SL line starts at $93,675). The package includes a 6day, 5night driving tour for two through the Austrian Alps, accommodations, 15 days of European road insurance, and shipping to the United States.

Best ScienceFiction Writer
H.G. Wells
The best rendition of his work
The English author was master of the genre, as evidenced by The War of the Worlds (1898). Bring the chilling book to life by listening to the Orson Welles narrated radio play, which set off a nationwide panic when it aired in 1938.

Best Allergy Medicine
The best way to breathe easier
Use the Allergen Test Kit ($130, as step one in ridding your
home of allergens. Your dust sample is analyzed by a lab, which sends you a report
detailing what you need to eradicate, such as dust mites or pet dander. Vacuum up
the allergens with the Miele Red Velvet S558 ($1,249) which is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Best Supermodel
Cindy Crawford
The best way to make your partner look super Finetune
your own portraits at the Digital Camera Workflow and Creativity With Photoshop workshop from June 26 to 29, 2006, in Palm Beach, Florida ($895). Photographer Kevin Ames will teach you how to take perfect shots and digitally colorcorrect and retouch images.

Best U.S. Golf Course
Pine Valley Golf Club, Clementon, New Jersey
The best place to lower your score If you want to hone your game before playing at the very exclusive and notoriously difficult Pine Valley, visit the Pine Hill Golf Club. At this adjacent course, the challenging terrain mimics that of the bogeyinducing Pine Valley, making it the ideal place to work on your iron shots and short game.

Best Luxury Cruise Line
Crystal Cruises
The best accommodations
Take a Crystal Cruises tour that stops in St. Petersburg, Russia, and stay in the Crystal Penthouse suite, where luxe touches include a private veranda, workout area, and spa tub ($28,780 per person for an
11 day cruise). Before you dock in the former Leningrad, reserve your spot on a MiG
jet fighter for a spinetingling flight over Moscow ($13,500 supplement).

Best Documentary
Darwin’s Nightmare
The best way to make a movie
Create prolevel documentaries of vacations, parties, or other family gatherings with Final Cut Studio Suite ($1,299). The software incorporates all the tools you need to easily edit your home movies, create graphics, and design a sound track before burning your masterpiece to DVD.