Organic Grass-fed BBQ Box Special


Fire up the BBQ! Our BBQ Box Special is a great way to sample some of our most popular products: Flat Iron steaks, lean ground beef, lean ground beef patties and Something else???

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Try this delicious assortment at home or make a gift of this delicious Box Special to family and friends. It also makes the perfect corporate thank-you or employee incentive bonus.

(2) 1 lb. Organic Grass fed Flat Iron Steaks
(4) 1 lb. Organic Grass fed 85% Lean Ground Beef
(3) 1 lb. Organic Grass fed 85% Lean Ground Beef Patties
(4) 8 oz. Organic Grass fed ???

Unit/Weight:  11.0 lbs. (let’s double check this content and weight.)

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Note:  This product is sold frozen, individually vacuum wrapped and shipped in dry ice. Raw 100% Certified Organic Grass-fed beef from California.